Mugendawala (MON-FRI 06:00AM-07:00AM)

bandaMugendawala is a programme that does Ebikolobero which is a local name from luganda to mean the undoable. To date in different parts of Uganda awkward things keep happening and are a great ordeal. Ebikolobero programme starts the day with sharing such ordeals.  It is an alert of these happenings and a plea to the listeners to stop such. It’s hosted by Innocent Eriya Banda. Just stay tuned in to 90.8 FM every morning Monday – Friday from 6:00am-7:00am and be informed


ROBERTCan you imagine having a bad night, with nasty dreams and suddenly day breaks! Just wondering what the new day will unleash? In such a situation Bukedde Butya crew has all the answers for you. fabbie, bulya and Nsirikidde just do it the right way in the right time and at the right place i.e Metro FM 90.8FM. They will hit you with laughter,gossip, sports, travel guide, fashion, topical issues, fan and good music.

This programme runs from 7:00am-10:00am, Monday to Friday. Bukedde  Butya is a luganda oriented statement. It raises a call of how was your night. It’s not worth missing Bukedde Butya.


KENNOMunakibuga is an entrepreneurship programme and business oriented. Munakibuga originates from modernity in the city; everyone should be informed about what is up in the city. It has relationship of life transformation. It is an encouragement in the changing world; Metro FM’s own creation and research from developed countries. But the difference is the branding that is localized to suit our entrepreneurship skills. According to the format of Munakibuga, our target is the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

It’s a mid-morning show where people are at their workplace tuned to their radios as well as working. Our very own Munakibuga runs from Monday –Friday 10:00AM-12:00PM it is hosted by our very own Kenno Musoke.


brendahMusic request on FM stations is a thing of the decade. Name your song and you will have it played .Remember music is nostalgic coming on memories so fresh that is why Metro FM comes up with Choice yo hosted by the chatty BRENDAH NERAH

Discover trendy fashions, first aid, etiquettes, quotes of the wise .Interact with the lively world in that scorch early afternoon sun get relaxed on 90.8 Metro FM don’t miss out on brendah  doing her thing daily Monday –Friday from 12:00pm-14:00pm.


herbyUganda One is a music interlude intended to create awareness for new artiste. It creates confidence in the upcoming musicians .Test the new music and what’s up in the music scenes, share the gossip in the music scenes, you can detect the next star as you check out the lyrics .

The youths love this show so much yet the audience enjoy it, do it with Herbie .K. ‘’a social animal’’ Join him down from 14:00PM-16:00PM only on Metro FM 90.8.


Every single day ends. Biblically proven ‘Morning past Evening came and that was day one’ It is a concern of Metro FM the day is over, how was your day? It is time to get feedback from our audience, to share our day with humor, skits, whatever happens in the course of the day, traffic updates and any relevancy of the day.

Halima and our Mugishu friend Odongo will be there to do it the right way between 16:30PM-19:00only on 90.8 Metro FM.


You know how strong a chain can be that is Olugyegere for you. The political programme with the truth attached to it. The good moderation as you listen in, no beef and no quarrels only as is from the horse’s mouth.

Listen to Innocent Eriya Banda go his style with politicians showcasing the way issues are. Only on Metro FM 90.8 daily Monday to Friday from 19:15PM-21:00PM.


hasisIt gets hot on Friday between 19:15PM-21:00PM with a press review from the News department as they throw highlights on the events of the week. If you missed out some news, tune in on this day and get full detailed preview.


Keeping in mind that Music is dynamic .Metro FM plays the hottest researched Music for that week. Martin is on the airwaves.  Count down with Tinta between 8.00pm- 11:00pm every Friday for ultimate entertainment.