1. BONGA NE BRENDA (SAT 06.30am-08.30am)

It is quite a romantic morning on a Saturday between 6.30am-8.30am.Open up a weekend with relaxation as the audience prepares for the various activities like parties, weddings, hideouts, celebrity news etc. Just get in that mood with Brenda. Listen to only good music; it is just in the right time. You will only catch this on 90.8 Metro FM.



3. OMULAMWAQ (SAT 10.00am-12.00PM)

A topical programme with experts analyzing issues on current affairs. It gives the listener a chance to fully participate in building a strong society based on information through research. Akakukunguta meaning sieve that filters to retain larger pieces while smaller pieces pass through.  Listen to Innocent Eriya Banda every Saturday 10:00am – 11:30am).


This show is an innovation which is intended to reach all East Africans in the spirit of the East African Community. United we stand; join the music interlude of East Africa Common music in the East of Africa.Depending on the swelling number of fans for East African music, Metro Fm intends to link all East Africans to their vibrant music, culture and any other information that can foster social economic growth. In a bid to foster this friendship, Metro Fm initiated this programme, East African “PAMOJA” show  tracking down with regional Music every Saturday from 1.30pm-2.30pm.

7. Sports (SAT 04.30PM-20.00PM and SUN 03:30PM-20:00PM)

babuSports lovers the commentary and updates are on. The radio sports analyst and sports commentators de -brief the audience about the sports scene. Hear it from the Sports Crew every Saturdays 02:30pm-08:00pm and Sundays 03:30pm-8:00pm only on 90.8 Metro FM Hosted by Rajab,Kent, Joy and Babu.

8. Dance Party (SAT 20:00PM-04:00PM)

tintaDance your night away in your house at your favorite joint in your room at a friend’s home and whatever you may be .Join and have fun with Herbie .K, Tinta and Fabi in the dance party hot music .Enjoy and shake the night away from 8.00pm-4.oopm on 90.8 Metro share with us experience after this treat.