Our approach and competence builds long term, high value relationships with our audience. It’s our responsibility at metro fm to tell people what happens in their community, locally, nationally or globally. We therefore provide current news with great meaning to our listeners. This can certainly mean honest and factual news reporting.

Our daily news runs in intervals beginning a 7:00 AM with the news in Luganda (Amawulire) followed by the News at 8:00 AM. Other bulletins follow concurrently until 9:00 PM and a wrap up of the daily news is aired at 11: 00 PM as we wind the day up.  12 News bulletins run through the weekly days while during the weekends four bulletins run through the day. This is because the weekends are more relaxed and therefore we soften a bit on the serious hard news.

The news at Metro FM is professional because it is current, timely, and fresh. It holds a tie into what is going on in the community. Our News focuses on a local angel such as the potential impact on a local community even when presenting a national or international campaign/event.

We traverse the entire nation to bring you news from wherever on time. Tune in to Metro FM 90.8 news packaged in a simple-precise approach to encompass the core News values which are being both informative and educative.