I will continue singing- Weasel

I will continue singing- Weasel

Singer Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel, the other half of the goodlyfesinging crew of Radio and Weasel says he will not relinquish despite the death Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio of his “brother”.
For the ten years, the two have sang together, traversed the country to perform at different shows. With the death of Radio, Weasel is now faced with a dilemma of either singing solo or hanging up the mic.
The singer says he will not waiver as it will shame Mowzey Radio who expects him to continue raising the flag of Goodlyf crew.
“I am strong, a good raga artiste and now even angry, I am going to sing solo so I do not shame Radio, he should be happy wherever he is and I will do all possible not to disappoint him by keeping the dream of Goodlyf.”
Weasel says that the last day he talked to Mowzey Radio was on Monday, January 22, hours before he met his death.
“We were having a drink with friends at a hang out near home called propela, So Radio starts saying he wants to leave. He said he needs to pay workers at the construction site in Entebbe, but I advised him to go another day,” Weasel narrates.
“I told Radio that since we were coming from a busy schedule, we should just drink and relax, but he was upbeat, he said he must go. I then gave him the option of sending the money by Mobile Money, but he insisted he had to go and pay the workers physically so he is not cheated. He dashed to his car and drove off, that is the last time we talked.”
Weasel however, says When someone is about to die, they get certain visions and if someone listens to Radio’s recent songs, they are very revealing, they hint on what was to befall him and you can tell his time had come. It all makes sense now Radio’s
Mowzey Radio died last Thursday (Feb 1) after succumbing to injuries obtained during a brawl in a night hang out in Entebbe.
According to Producer David Ebangit Washington, who was in the company of the deceased, Radio was beaten by a one Troy Wamala as he exited the bar after an argument with the manager, a one Egesa.


February 7th, 2018

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