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The display of the Party Members Register is part of the Party Election Process aimed at enabling the party membership to inspect the Register, and verify the accuracy of the members’ details. The exercise shall rectify the errors that will be identified during the display, thereafter publish and later distribute the final Register to enable voting or polling to take place.  The exercise will be conducted today Friday 21st August country wide.

The display exercise shall be handled and or supervised by ONLY the party registrars at the various levels including:-


  1. District Registrars (overall supervisor of the exercise)
  2.  Sub county Registrars
  3.  Branch /Village Registrars who shall be the Display Officers.

The register w11866313_1628222774131938_2571003866823387382_nill be provided in duplicate with copies stamped “Copy1” and “Copy2”.



 1. Allow the party members to check the accuracy of their particulars on the members Register.

2. Inform party members of the branch where they will vote from.

3. To enable party members in coordination with the Display Officers, remove the following categories of ineligible persons from the Register;-

a. Those who have died since the time of registration

b. Those who neither reside nor originate from the branch or village where they appear on the Register or are not known to be from a particular branch or village.

c. Those who are under age i.e. below 18 years

d. Those who appear more than once on the Register.

4. Any amendment to be made should be indicated by use of letter “X”

5. The inaccurate records should be rectified by writing the amendment neatly in the place that needs rectification

6. Telephone numbers MUST be captured for those members who did not provide their contacts.

7. Include names of members who did not Register. The said registration shall run for ONLY one day of the display exercise.

8. The Registrar will read out name by name of the members who will answer in affirmative response and will be ticked by the registrar.

9. The names that are doubted will be debated and verified. If they are cleared, they will be ticked, those that are rejected will be written on a separate sheet of contested names.

10. Members who registered but were not captured on the Register will be included if they are bona fide members of the village.

11. Known members of the village who were not registered will be included on the Register by pronouncing their names, home of origin to which, members should respond affirmatively.

12. The final Register will then be produced having been assented to by all members in the country.

13. Members who registered but were erroneously not entered onto the register will be included if they are bona-fide NRM members of the village.

14. After the inclusion of the new members, the village executive committee will sign off the register to ensure no more inclusions are made after the village conference

15. The duplicate register marked “Copy 2” will be used for display at the venue

16. Two sheets have been provided to include names of members who did not register. No one will be included on the register through a proxy.

17. We shall conduct consultations on what should be included in the NRM manifesto 2016 – 2021




1. Both officers, the Administrative Secretaries and the Registrars are staff of the party, thus need to cooperate and complement each other to ensure that the party achieves its set objectives.

2. The two officers should work together through sharing the necessary administrative details HOWEVER this does not imply that the Administrative Secretaries should influence or override the Registrars who are the official responsible officers for the entire party election exercise and activities.

3. The NRM Party Secretariat calls upon the party stakeholders (aspirants) to exercise due vigilance and take active participation in cleaning the party members Register stamped “Copy1” to minimize on the aftermath complaints.



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