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Bridge International Vs ministry of Education Mystery

Bridge International Vs ministry of Education Mystery

There appears to be no thawing in the relationship between Bridge International Academies and the ministry of Education and Sports.
The ministry said last week that it would not allow Bridge Schools to re-open for the first term because they had not been licensed. The ministry alleges that the schools lack the minimum requirements for licensing.
Morrison Rwakakamba, the country director of Bridge International says that they had submitted all the necessary documents needed to be licensed. He said the organisation has submitted documents for 42 of their schools.
“There is nothing we have not submitted. We have given them bank statements, tenancy agreements, CVs of the proprietors, staff signed contracts, school inspector’s reports, health inspector’s reports…we don’t know why they have not been licensed,” Rwakakamba said.
On February 5, Bridge Schools opened for the new term even as the dispute simmered.
Yesterday (February 6), Alex Kakooza the permanent secretary in the ministry of Education wrote that they have not yet licensed the Bridge Schools because they have not yet met the requirements to merit being licensed to operate in Uganda.
“It may be recalled that since April 2016, the Ministry has severally engaged with Bridge International Academies’ (BIA) representatives over public outcry on the state of these schools in Uganda…Consequently, and consistent with the Ministry’s decision on the matter of all unlicensed schools, I wrote to BIA on 6th November 2017 stating that:
… all unlicensed schools, including Bridge International Academies, will not be allowed to open and/or operate for school year 2018. This position is in line with my Circular/Press Release No. DES/50/14 of 22nd September 2017 captioned Unlicensed/Unregistered Schools,” Kakooza wrote.
Rwakakamba says Kakooza’s new stance contradicts his earlier statement that all schools that had embarked on the process of licensing will be allowed to re-open.
He says they have complied with all the requirements set by the ministry.
Responding to Kakooza’s letter, Bridge international issued a statement yesterday in which it reiterated its intention to harmoniously work with all stakeholders in the education sector.
The actual bone of contention between Bridge International and the ministry of education remains an enigma.
The ministry has on several occasions accused Bridge of not following the local curriculum but officials of the organisation say this is false.


February 7th, 2018

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