Compared to a typical airwave radio which is usually bound to a particular region as far as broadcasting programs, you can get our broadcastings in any part of the world that has access to the internet, giving us a an huge advantage over your typical airwave radio. We are a radio station that reaches a large global audience of Ugandan listeners on a daily basis if a local and global audience plus international business matter to you( as a matter of fact they should be because that is the future of doing business, then we are the right place for you because we have listenership around the world. In terms of exposure for your business do the math.

We can easily customize our prices to fit your budget because our prices are not back breakers. We are way cheaper compared to other choices out there and you get a better bang for your money. when you give us the opportunity to take your business to the next level there are many reasons as you will soon find out.

Give us a call at +256 ……………………………………. or email us, you will no be disappointed!

You have the choice of advertising with us either on radio or website or combining both and maximize the potential of our global market.