Metro Fm is a Radio Broadcasting station which has been on air for the last six years. The intention of Metro Fm is to create an enterprise that is growing and set the pace with innovation of programmes that are tailored for our clients to fit their advertisement and promotions.

These programmes are intended to target the audience that fall in the demography of the population between 23 and 40 years of age. The combination between the client and the audience that Metro Fm intends to target forms the main mission of Metro Fm. Our Vision is to create one of the most efficient and effective Radio Station.

Metro Fm is found inn the Historical Old Kampala, on plot 16b, Martin road. The location was deliberately chosen because of its accessibility. It can be reached conveniently by the client who wants to advertise and listeners (audience). The motto “Essanyu Lyo” is a slogan meant to target the listeners in the urban and pre-urban setting. Notwithstanding, the Metro Fm slogan, the range that is covered is the whole of Buganda region and we are received in distant areas like Tororo, Mutukula, Mubende, Hoima, Nakasongola, Jinja and some parts of Busoga.

The listenership as per our intended target falls within the demographic grouping of the population that can access most of the products that are advertised and these are within the B, C and D groupings. These programmes that are well thought out to achieve our aims are varied and fall in deferent categories. (Music, dance, drama, news, talk shows that are social, entrepreneurial, political, gossip and educative).

The topical programmes which start very early in the morning at 06:00am and runs for 24hours are; Mugendawala and Bukede Buyta, Munakibuga (Urbanite), Amawulire and News, Sports which we intend to include Rugby, Uganda One, Luwedde, Olugyegere and Pillow Talk. This runs from Monday to Friday. During the weekend we then introduce other programmes like Talk show which go on mid-morning, Agabadde mu week, Bamusayi muto, Amawulire, Oluwombo lwe byemizanyo. Although, Metro Fm mainly broadcasts in Luganda, we have English and Swahili programmes that are designed to reach audiences that are found in the urban setting.

Why Metro FM as your Media platform

  • Metro Fm has an audience of decision taking group
  • Metro Fm has loyal clients
  • Metro Fm covers the whole of central region
  • Metro Fm has mature presenters who are trusted with expression and creation of real images through audio presenting.
  • Metro Fm has a programming style that does not create bias as you listen but interests you to listen unlimited.
  • Metro Fm audience reacts immediately.