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mps suspended

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Igara West Member of Parliament Raphael Magezi at last got the opportunity to table his motion seeking leave of Parliament to work the constitutional amendment bill that seeks to get rid of the presidential age limit from the constitution.

Magezi tabled the motion shortly after resumption of plenary which went into a forced break, following violent scenes as opposition protested their colleagues being suspended by Speaker Kadaga. More than two dozen MPs were suspended by the speaker for the indiscipline they exhibited yesterday.

The MPs were suspended according to the speaker, because their conduct was in “violently disregarded the codes of Conducts and defaulted Rules of Procedure during the plenary session that sat on the 26 Sept 2017 where they denied Parliament to conduct its business.”

The MPs led by the Leader of Opposition Hon Winnie Kiiza walked out, after she expressed her dismay on the manner in which her colleagues were treated. Before she could finish, she was ordered by the speaker to sit down; which promoted her and her colleagues to walk out.

Magezi’s motion which also seeks to remove the age limit on Local Council Chairperson contestants  was seconded by MPs Moses Balyeku, Jackson Karugaba Kafuuzi, and Doreen Amule.

The seconders of the motion argued that Article 102 of the Constitution is discriminating and needed to be amended.

“Age should not be a yardstick for one to be eligible for democratic election in a democracy like Uganda,” said Hon Amule.

There was a resounding “eye” to the motion, by the MPs, to which the speaker advised that their opinions at this time are unnecessary, since MP Magezi is simply seeking leave of parliament to go work on the Bill.

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